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James Evans is a highly acclaimed Austin divorce attorney specializing on matters pertaining to child custody and visitation.

Visitation and or custody disputes may often be the central focus of a divorce case. It is highly reasonable that a court may establish an order that is unsatisfactory to one of the parties, or both. In these instances, it is highly likely that the unsatisfied parties will motion to modify the court order regarding child custody. There are a number of variables that will factor into a finalized custodial settlement and/or judgement: Namely access and possession of dependents.

It goes without saying that this process can be incredibly trying for both parents and children. The division of a family that is legally binding is often a confusing experience. There is a great deal at stake: Often familial bonds and relationships can be altered based upon settlements and/or judgements reached through the child custody process.

James Evans is a highly experienced attorney in these matters. Mr. Evans encompasses the ability to understand the intricacies of your circumstances, as well as fight for the most equitable outcome. Mr. Evans is considered among the most skilled Austin area divorce attorneys in matters of child custody and visitation. There is a great deal at stake: It is imperative to retain representation who will work effectively for your family throughout these trying circumstances.

What Will an Austin Court Consider in Allocating Child Custody?

There are a number of issues that the court is likely to consider upon allocating the custodial circumstances of each child. It is best to note that each case is entirely different, an element in its own that calls for careful consideration. A court, among other factors, is likely to weigh the child's living situation with each parent. What geographical separation will exist between both parents? What sort of resources and/or support network will be available to the child(ren)?

It also goes without saying that parental backgrounds will be considered? Are there any criminal histories involved that may alter a case significantly? Are there any apparent shortcomings in parenting abilities?

In short, the court is likely to consider a variety of factors that are innately tied to the child(ren)'s well being. James Evans has built his reputation as a respected Austin divorce lawyer in part due to his ability to focus on each set of circumstances individually, and to present a cohesive argument based upon the sum of each part.

What Does the Outcome of Child Custody Proceedings Mean for You?

Needless to say, the outcome of child custody matters is likely to impact your future for some time to come. This is why we place an overwhelming amount of emphasis for attaining the most equitable outcome for you and your family. The attorneys at Evans Family Law Group possess nearly two decades of experience in these matters. When so much is at stake, it is beyond pivotal to retain representation who will put your family's future in the best of hands.

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