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When dependents are involved, it is more than likely that child support considerations will play a central role in divorce proceedings. Perhaps this is the first establishment of child support; perhaps there is an existing order that will need to be modified. As with anything that is financially related, child support considerations can arise as a bitter point of contention.

What will be considered when determining child support?

There are a variety of components which will need to be determined in the course of child support proceedings. Primarily, the Court will determine which parent is responsible for payment, as well as how much. There are also likely to be a number of complexities beyond this if multiple children are involved, especially if there are children from different marriages. Experienced legal representation is imperative to mitigate these issues and to reach the most equitable and satisfactory outcome.

There are a number of mechanics involved in determining the manner in which child support is calculated. Our child support attorneys with the Evans Family Law Group are incredibly experienced in matters relating to the Texas Family Code's provisions for determining child support considerations. Our attorneys will help you understand how your own financial circumstances will influence the outcome.

What factors into calculating the child support payment amount?

Foremost, Texas law calculates child support by calculating percentages of the paying spouse's net resources. For reference, the paying spouse is legally referred to as the "obligor." It is also noteworthy, that calculation of net resources is often capped at $7,500.

A critical point of contention often lies with calculation of "net resources." Since each case presents unique circumstances, the calculation of this component is likely to exhibit a number of complexities.  Courts are likely to consider ages and needs of children. Furthermore, Courts are likely to consider the percentage of time a child will spend with each parent. Moreover, logistics of traveling between parents, not to mention individual considerations will almost certainly weigh into the outcome.

James Evans is an experienced Austin child support attorney: He will thoroughly communicate the manner in which net resources is likely to be calculated given your financial realities. It is best to give us a call for an initial consultation so we can advise you as to our perspective on your individual circumstances regarding child support.

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